Secret Galaxy

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Lauren and Harold are two persons whose profession is definitely something unique. Namely, they have chosen being an astronaut as their profession and they enjoy every single moment of their work, having in mind that every moment actually brings something new to them, something that is not known for anyone on the earth.This time Lauren and Harold are part of a mission that takes them to the planet called Gervin. Actually, this planet is located in a secret galaxy where people search about possible signs of life. That means that there could be some alien form of plants but also that means that there could possibly live actual aliens! This project of the Government is not introduced to the public yet, and it will definitely be a big discovery.The two astronauts arrive on their working place and that\'s the base of NASA on the planet Gervin. The astronauts from the first shift have already left the place, so now it is up to Lauren and Harold to get to know the space better because they will spend the next six months living and working there.

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