Pandoras House

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When it comes to heritage, everything can be expected. People leave us things that meant something to them, believing that they will mean something to us too. Sometimes the heritage is welcomed, but sometimes it makes us confused...Donna, Andrew, and David are cousins. The three of them have inherited the house that belonged to their aunt Pandora. Aunt Pandora was famous for her passion for black magic and performing some strange rituals for calling ghosts in her house.It was not a surprise that no one wanted to enter that house after aunt Pandora\'s death. Who could like to face actual ghosts!? Except for aunt Pandora, of course.The three cousins were rather surprised by the heritage, and scared. However, after some period of thinking about the house, they decided that it is time to face the fear and enter into the place that once was a nest for black magic.We are about to see what is hiding in that house. Let\'s search around the place and see if there is something left, that could be related to those paranormal activities that once took place in this place.

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