Royal Bride

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Just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle\'s wedding, we will soon witness another royal wedding. The royal wedding is a global phenomenon. A prince will marry his beloved and, together, they\'ll parade through the streets in a horse-drawn carriage, waving—royally—to thousands of adoring subjects as they pass.Megan is the future royal bride. She is basically living every girl\'s dream right now: she is engaged to Prince Carl, with their wedding set in few days. Royal-enthusiasts have been readying themselves for the big day, planning viewing parties and buying up all manner of their accessories: plates, mugs, coloring books, life-size cardboard cutouts. But, this is all extremely new for Megan as she is not a royal.Today she arrives in Prince Carl\'s castle where a whole new world awaits her. It will be a place that provides the setting for the future princess to carry out her official duties. She decides to explore the castle and its surroundings first. The future royal couple have a team of people working to ensure the day is perfect, but Megan wants to go through the plan for the wedding.

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