Family bistro

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Our childhood memories, the ones that are good, stay locked somewhere in our memory, waking up beautiful feelings every time when we feel sad or alone. They usually remind us of the times when we felt most secure and safe – the time spent with our parents.Sarah got as a heritage from her father something that means to her a lot! It is about the family bistro, a place where she spent numerous precious moments when she was just a child. Sarah is related to this place with many wonderful memories from her childhood and she likes to recall those memories once in a while. However, now she and her children, Paul and Lisa, have decided to open their family bistro once again. The time has come, to build up new memories from the same place, so they all feel really excited about it.There have been a few years already as they hadn’t entered into the place, so they will use some help from you, to make the bistro functional once again. Let’s help the clean up the place and bring everything where it belongs.

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