The Secret Healer

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When people are in trouble or they need some help when it comes to a certain health condition, they are prepared to do everything in order to find a way for escaping that situation. Sometimes the traditional medicine is simply helpless for someone\'s health. The medicine is really developed these days but unfortunately, there are conditions that can\'t be treated that way. In those cases, people usually decide to look for help from some alternative medicine, to change their lifestyle but also to look for a help from some healers.Sandra and Richard, together with their friends, arrive at the house where years ago lived the secret healer. According to the rumors, he was a man that healed so many people from many hard diseases, but unfortunately after his death, no one from his close family continued making the secret medicine. Sandra and Richard hope that they will manage to find the secret recipe and the secret ingredients, so they could continue making this miraculous medicine.Since it is about a very important thing, it will be very nice if we help Sandra, Richard and their friends find what they need

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