The Orphan Princess

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Life isn\'t always fair, isn\'t it? No matter how good person you are, life will find the way to surprise you, to bring you some problem on board. But, that is, we suppose the exact point, meaning that is the fight. You need to fight for things in life so you would understand the exact meaning of life. Probably, through the problems we get to understand how good we feel when we are doing fine.Can you imagine how difficult it is for people who have to explain to the world who they are? That is maybe the most difficult job in a life. Amelia is the only inheritor of the royal throne. She is the only daughter of the king who has been killed in a battle together with the queen. Amelia is being raised by simple peasants, but they were telling her all the time that she is princess.Today is the day when Amelia has to prove that she really is king\'s daughter and that she is the only inheritor of the throne. Amelia arrives at the place where royal hidden objects are. She needs to find all the royal objects that will serve her as proof, so she can tell the world that she actually is the real princess.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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