The Perfect Scent

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It is the era of personalizing things. We have personalized therapies, educational processes, personalized birthday invitations and lots of creative stuff. In the time of globalization where it is devilish difficult to stay original persona, people fight with the process of losing personality and stay original as much as possible. Wherever you go, you will see few global clothing brands that the majority is wearing. And they say the details make us different. Choosing the match making perfume is one of each person mission. Perfume tells a lot about us, the kind personality you are, what do you enjoy the most.Janice is famous perfume creator. She creates the most original and the rarest perfumes. Janice dedicates a lot of time in the creation of her perfumes. Today together with her two assistants Tina and Rita they have the task make the perfect perfume that one gentleman wants to have for her wife.They have all the needed information for his wife. They only need to find the real ingredients to create their perfume that will be completely suitable for his spouse. We gave you an interesting task today, didn\'t we?

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