Gangsters Physician

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It is well known that gangsters never ask for medical help in hospitals. They always go to crooked doctors who give their medical expertise for money or protection. The reason for that is clear.If the criminals go to regular hospitals, they will have to leave their true names and other information, so the police could easily get into their trace.Michael is suspected to be a physician working for gangsters. The detectives are on their way to confirm the suspicions about Michael. They have to find firm pieces of evidence about his work but also they will have to uncover who Michael is working for.Among the professionals who are working on this case are Margaret, Tony, and Jack. They are detectives that just received a warrant to search the house of Michael, so now they are on their way to the house.They will search the whole house and see if they will find something that will help them arrest the suspect. By catching him, they may also get into the trace of some criminals who have been his patients.

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