Captain of the Black Dragon

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Mythology is always attractive to our players. Those miraculous creatures that lived or maybe were part of the profusion fantasy from people who lived millennia before us, live today again, because they are interesting to be put in stories, in movies, anything that creative writing can ask. Greek mythology nevertheless is the most famous one and rich, as well.Mermaids were famous for their beauty and how they used it to fulfill their goal, to trap some brave guy, make him scared and rob him. Even ancient people knew that beauty is the key factor for men to fall for some lady. At least, on the first impression. But, women no matter on which era they belonged to, knew how to misuse it and conquer everything they want.Poor Captain Jack is being pulled one\'s leg from the sea sprite and unconsciously rinks on deserted island. He gets the picture when he arrives on the island, but it is already too late. The sea sprite Minerva poses condition to the Captain Jack, he will have to answer the exactly disposed riddles that Minerva made so he can return his ship \"Black Dragon\". Have fun!

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