Haunted restaurant

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Dorothy and her husband John had a great restaurant. However, something rather unusual happened to their restaurant few years ago, so they were forced to leave the place. Namely, the restaurant was possessed by ghosts and they didn’t let noone enter there. That’s why Dorothy and John had to leave the place. They were scared by the ghosts so actually they were forced to leave something that actually belongs to them. But after those years, Dorothy and her husband John, realized that they don’t like to leave their property just like that. They would like to leave the restaurant to their children, not the ghosts. That is their plan and they will do whatever it takes to leave the place the restaurant as heritage for the kids. Dorothy and John has chosen this night to enter into the restaurant and face the ghosts. We don’t know what can be expected from the ghosts,Dorothy and John neater, but we are prepared to help them, right? Let’s see what is hiding in the restaurant and force those uninvited visitors to leave the restaurant once and for all.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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