Plea From The Beyond

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People are usually kind because they feel that it is right, not because they expect something. But generally, we believe that good returns with good. However, it seems that this is not always true...Ellinor once owned a beautiful house filled with many valuable things. She was a kind soul that treated all her guests and neighbours with kindness and respect. However, she did not get the same in return. Ellinor\'s neighbours envied her kind nature and her possessions. So when she was stricken with tuberculosis, they did nothing and let her pass away. What a terrible destiny for such a nice person... And the things to be even worse, afterwards, those dastardly fools entered her home and hid her possessions around, so that she could not move on into the afterlife. Now Eliinor\'s ghost roams the empty house, searching for her lost items. She pleads from the beyond for a kind soul to help her. Her lost soul is wondering around, looking for redemption. Are you willing to help her find her belongings finally her peace once and for all?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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