Citizens of Darkness

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Meet one really unusual couple. And we could not be sure if we could count them as positive or as negative characters in our game because it is about a scary zombie girl named Frankula and her friend, the vampire Albert. They both live in the land of darkness where can be found only evil forces. That is the reason why no one likes to pass through this dark land.Everyone is scared because of this land and stays reserved when it comes to it. However, even though those two like in this scary and evil land, that doesn\'t mean that there are no persons that that are even worse than them. Namely, Frankula and Albert have found the house that belongs to their eternal enemy, the ghost Vincent.They like to turn back all the valuable objects that were once taken from them by this evil ghost. Let\'s take a sneak into the house of the evil ghost Vincent and see how does a ghost\'s house look like. At the same time, we will help Frankula and Albert find their belongings and take them where they belong.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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