Last Ghost

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Charles is a famous ghostbuster. He has deal successfully with all the ghosts that came on his way so far and that’s why everybody knows him. However, there is just one case that Charles was not able to solve. As a matter of fact, Charles took care of almost everything, just that one ghost…Two years ago, Charles was called by the owners of one property to take care of the ghosts that appeared there. those ghosts were interrupting the everyday life of the people who owned the place so Charles was here to help. And yes, as always, Charles managed to get rid of all the ghosts, except this one. This ghost gave a lot of efforts and Charles was defeated for the first time. It seems that the owners of the haunted property work all right at the moment, but Charles knows that there is still one thing that needs to be solved…Now it’s the time Charles to come back to that property and face once again the last ghost that lives there. let’s help the ghostbuster Charles get another victory, by catching this strong ghost.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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