Our Zoo Park

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The Zoo Park is where Emily and her brother Kevin grew up. Not take us too literary, they didn\'t live in the zoo, but this zoo is their family business. Their family had this business for years. Their grandfather ran the zoo, and they were there so often that they learned much about the animals and the life in the zoo. And after many years, Emily and Kevin became owners of one of the zoo gardens in their country. Namely, they inherited the family business from their grandfather, and this is a new beginning for them, a beginning of something beautiful and inspiring. Together with their friends and relatives, the new zoo owners come to the zoo, ready for the new challenge. They will have to learn more seriously about how to keep the zoo in a good condition which will make the animals live happily and satisfied. Also, they will have to get to know the animals even better, so they can answer their needs adequately. Let\'s take a tour of the zoo and meet all the animals that live there. We are sure you\'ll enjoy it because this zoo is one of the best in the country, and it has many exotic animals.

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