Into The Jungle

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Pilots are one of the most skilled persons in the world. There are so many criteria that need to be met and respected in order to become a pilot as very high intelligence, excellent vision, great physical and mental condition, good motor skills and reflexes. And after those criteria are fulfilled, it is time for the long and hard practice that prepares the person for being an actual pilot. The responsibility is so big because usually the pilots are responsible for the lives for many people and anything unpredictable could happen there in the clouds.Alicia is a pilot that was on one of her regular routes, when her plane has suddenly broke down and she was forced to land somewhere deep into the jungle. Now this poor girl has to find a way how to survive in this place and that seems as a very hard task, even though she has a lot of years as an experienced pilot. Maybe riding the plane is her profession but surviving in the jungle seems as a completely different chapter, so she has to stay calm and think about the perfect solution for the whole situation.Luckily, Alicia finds a small tree house at the place where she lands and now she hopes that she will find there few objects that she needs for surviving under those circumstances, until the rescuers come. Another fact is that it could take even few days which means that Alicia has her destiny in her own bare hands, so she has to everything that is needed for bare survival.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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