Spring Enchantment

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Every season has its own beauties and that\'s why different seasons are favorite for different people. Some of us enjoy summer most with its warm weather and the chance to enjoy on the sun, others are more into winter and the activities that can be done on the snow while others enjoy more mild seasons like autumn and spring when we can spend all the time outdoor, without need to hide when it\'s too cold or too hot.Now meet Hanna, the girl that lives in the village. The long and hard winter has passed and the spring has come in Hanna\'s village. Spring is the best season for Hanna and she is very happy that finally she could enjoy in everyday long walks in nature. However, the life in the village is beautiful because people who live there have the privilege to breathe the fresh air all the time and spend a lot of time out of their homes, but on the other hand, there is so much physical work that has to be done there.Besides the pure enjoyment in the spring, this season brings other responsibilities related to Hanna\'s property as well, related to regular maintain of the property. Hanna will need some help for her today\'s responsibilities so we could dedicate our time and help her finish the spring responsibilities. We are sure that it will be very interesting and fun to spend a day at the village, so let\'s enjoy the spring beauties.

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