Desert Gods

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Egyptian mythology is one of the richest in the world. Incredible stories, personalities, enigma about how the tremendous pyramids and objects have been constructed. Even centuries later we don\'t really learnt how did they actually do it. All we know is that they were very smart civilization, that gave great heritage to the world. There still are great mysteries about this mythology, and maybe that is the most provocative thing, for the egyptologists to go deeper digging in the great history of this country.Megan arrives in Egypt. She is fascinated of the Egyptian culture and mythology. Megan finds out these days that a new necropolis is been found. The tomb of the Pharaoh Nectanebo is there. During his time he has praised to the sky the desert gods and ordered their face to be drew on every building in Egypt. Megan is curious in finding out more about this Pharaoh and starts the investigation.Here she needs your help. Let\'s go back to the past in the time of the great Egyptian monarchs who were the most respected people at that time. The history remembers them even millennia after their time.

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