Missing Jewelry

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The two detectives, Karen and Mark, have a new task ahead of them. Namely, they and their team of professionals come to Mr. Matthew\'s villa on the south coast. The reason for their coming is that Mr. Matthew\'s villa was robbed last night, and valuables, jewelry of enormous value, were stolen from it. The detectives are here to investigate the whole situation, see what it is all about and look for clues and evidence that will lead them to whoever is responsible for the robbery. They will piece together all available evidence and hope to get enough evidence to recover the stolen jewelry. Let\'s see together what it is all about. We will visit Mr. Matthew\'s villa, along with detectives Karen and Mark and their team, and try to find out more about the robbery. For now, it is impossible to guess who stole the jewelry, but if we investigate the case carefully, we will surely find evidence that will be useful to the team of professionals. Let\'s start our search right away.

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