Land of treasure

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Archeologists are witnesses to many interesting things. They are so close to information that in some parts will definitely stay out of the reach for the public. Other things that they find change histories of some lands are the reason for conflicts or target for thieves. And the archeologists are in the first row when those things happen, they gave the biggest responsibility about it. The archeologist Samuel, suddenly has found out something very intriguing. He has found the lost land of treasure, a place that is part of many legends but he didn\'t know for sure if this place really exists. This is the discovery of his life so he is so happy that he will be the first person that will explore this land of treasure. Samuel stands in front of his greatest discovery, so let\'s help him in the process of exploring. Let\'s act like real professionals and see what is hidden in this land of treasure. Surely there will be some things that will amaze us. Also, the fact that we, together with Samuel, are the first ones that see this place, will make this adventure even more exciting.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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