The Flow of Adventure

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Adventurers are always hard to be followed. We are talking about the real ones - the ones that don’t like to have two same days in their lives; the ones that are always open to something new, even though it might be something dangerous… Rachel is one of those adventurers, the ones that are prepared to stay calm, even if they are in danger…Our adventurer Rachel was enjoying his last adventure. Somehow he got lost from his encampment. Sorry to say, but he stumbled upon a long river that sparked up his memory. Following his restless spirit, Rachel decides to follow the long mystical river, hoping that it would lead him to his camp. Maybe we are not familiar with this place and we don’t know how to help Rachel, but it is worth to give a try and do our best.Let’s follow him while he walks near the flow of the river and see if there is some way that could possibly lead him to the camp. Let’s hope that we won’t lose our way too, and this will be more enjoyment than a bad adventure.

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