Cursed Collection

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So, today it is time for one scary adventure. This adventure includes ghosts, and our characters will have to face those ghosts in order to accomplish their unusual mission. The game will take us to one place that looks like n ordinary place, even a boring place, but it is actually something specific. Judith, Harold, and Evelyn come to the place known as the property of fear. The three of them are here for one reason. They are here to find the cursed collection of golden coins. They have heard that this cursed collection belongs to the ghosts living on this property. The visit of Judith, Harold, and Evelyn, to this place, won\'t be something casual, so they have to be prepared for everything. We can help them in this strange situation, so let\'s check out what happens in this cursed property. We have to consider that maybe the place will be that scary that we will have to give up our intentions, but the life is more worth then any golden coin, right?Let\'s don\'t judge too early and see what is happening there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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