Romance in the Rain

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We all have had those first loves that we can forget, no matter how much we want. It even happens so that some of us end up with those first loves. That is maybe the best love someone can experience. When you are a child, honest living being that cares only to play, to hug, simply to enjoy life, than you think with your heart, not with your brain. The childish loves we remember for the whole life. We feel the butterflies in our stomach each time their name is mentioned, each time the face of the boy is in front of us.You can suppose that today game we talk about the love first love experience. After few years of living outside her birth place, Floerton is coming back home. She decides that she wants to go for a walk in a rainy day and thinks of looking for Edward, her big love from childhood time. Grace doesn\'t know what does Edward do in his life, but she wants to see him badly and tell her feelings so many years later.We are sure you would like to return back in the memories of your first love and enjoy the game!

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