The Curse of Lakewood

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Most of us don\'t believe in curses these days, but they are part of the folklore of many cultures. It is about a solemn statement planned to gather a supernatural power to impose harm or punishment on someone or something. The intended harm can vary from mere disturbance and psychological stress to physical illness and suffering to even death. And, when someone or something is cursed, the ways of breaking the curse also vary. Magic mirrors, protective puppets, purifying baths, and talismans are some of the methods used for this purpose.Lakewood is a dense forest that lies beside a lake. This forest is known for its evil curse of eternal darkness. We don\'t know the truth behind this story; or what happened to make things as they are today, but there are two persons willing to break this curse that rules over the place for many years. Denver and Anna have great experience in breaking curses. They just arrived at Lakewood, and it\'s up to them to find a way to shine a light on this dark forest.

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