Snow Country

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Definitely Antarctica is the coldest continent on the earth, and it is actually a gigantic patch of ice and water, with a temperature that can drop to a mind freezing minus 89.2 degrees. And no, those conditions are humanly impossible to live in, but there is also one other country...Frances and Ethan arrive at the so-called Snow country. In this country, there is only one season and that is winter. Afraid from the eternal cold and snow, the visitors are really rare here. It seems that there is nothing that could attract tourists but the tourists don\'t know something that Frances and Ethan found out. Namely, the two of them found out that exactly this country is a place where are hidden so many valuable objects, including very rare coins. Perhaps the fact that no one comes here in this country often, has made someone to come exactly here and choose this country as a place where he could hide the treasures. On the other hand, maybe those valuable objects belonged to someone who lived here before.However, let\'s take a sneak in the snow country and find out what this place hides. Maybe its beauty is far bigger than those precious objects and coins that are hidden there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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