Frozen Clues

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Antarctica may sound like an impossible mission to many, but the truth is that despite the extreme conditions there, this part of the world is regularly visited by whole teams of scientists. Frank is part of a scientific expedition in Antarctica, but he has serious doubts about what may have happened to his colleagues. Yes, these missions are challenging, but the team always tries to be sure everything is perfectly arranged and nothing is left to chance. However, for the third day now, none of his colleagues in the camp, which is several kilometers away from the main street, is not calling the radio station. Frank decides to go there to check what\'s happening with his colleagues. Possibly, they are too busy with their work, but there is also a possibility that something has happened to them; maybe they are in some trouble and desperately need help. Let\'s be part of this interesting Antarctic expedition and try to help Frank discover what happened to his colleagues.

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