Family Vineyard

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Running a family business that is successful and doing well is truly a blessing. In that case, everyone certainly works for the good of the community, contributes, and tries to keep things that way. However, this can also be a delicate matter, especially when the younger ones in the family are supposed to inherit their parents. Children don\'t always want to continue doing what their parents did, or simply don\'t have the same affinities and talents.Ronald is the owner of a small winery inherited from his father. He has been running this business for years, and winemaking is his greatest love. Ronald\'s biggest wish is for his daughter Pamela to continue the tradition of grape growing and winemaking. Fortunately, Pamela has an interest in this work but still has no experience in it. Today, the two of them are together in their family winery. Ronald plans to start introducing his daughter to work and has a lot of advice for Pamela. He will teach her many important things, things that will help her a lot in her profession. Let\'s help them.

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