Haunted Forever

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Nobody wants to be kicked out of their home, under any circumstances, right? The home is the place where we live, the place where we can do whatever we want, our place where we feel safe, and where we can be completely our own. We can conclude that the home, no matter how does it look like, or how big it is, is the best place to be! Frances is one of the few people who have remained to live in her city. The city is almost empty and it looks like a city of ghosts. Actually, that is a real city of ghosts because this place has been haunted by ghosts for a very long time, or we can say eternally haunted by ghosts! But Frances is very brave and she never wanted to leave her hometown. She even has friends between the ghosts and with time, she has realized that non all of them are bad. Austin is a ghost who is Frances\'s friend and he is one of the good ghosts. And like with people, it is the same with ghosts. Good and bad always fight, so Austin also fights against bad ghosts. This night he and Francis will fight to set the city free from the evil ghosts who are always causing problems.

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