Graffiti Gang

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The police officer Betty works on a case that involves the members of a certain graffiti gang, This graffiti gang makes graffiti on places where it is not allowed and even though they think that they have made real works of art on those walls, the law doesn\'t allow that. This gang has made graffiti on all public institutions including a few private homes, so the people are angry because they will have to paint those objects once again, at their own expense. That wasn\'t something planned before, so everyone is very confused and wonders how could someone be that imprudent, letting himself do something like this. Policewoman Betty hopes that today will be the day when she will find the members of the gang and she will arrest them. Even though those graffiti may look good for someone, the place of the art is not on someone\'s house, especially if it is made without permission.Let\'s see what will happen and will Betty be able to find the graffiti artist as soon as she likes. Let\'s help her!

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