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Amy is the owner of a beauty salon. Her salon is quite small, but she is widely known for her professionalism. She does her job well, but at the same time, she has a great relationship with her clients. Clients are very happy with her and share their experiences with other people, so Amy always has her hands full. Today Amy received a call that surprised her. A very famous person has made an appointment with her, so Amy is excited about this client. She wants everything to be in the best order when the famous actress comes because several photographers and journalists will come along with her. They always follow this actress, and later, they publish the pictures and videos in the media. This would be a great advertisement for Amy\'s salon so she wants to present herself in her best light. Let\'s help Amy make everything go smoothly. We will do our best to keep the salon clean, but we will also do our best to let Amy fully concentrate on her work. Let\'s start!

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