Garden of Magic Whispers

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Having superpower is super cool, but it is not an easy thing at all. Maybe that seems to be only interesting and people find it exciting, but people with super power don\'t always feel nice and don\'t always feel happy. In today game we are dealing with such personalities. They are confronted with the situation to find objects that are full of magical energy and they are eager to find them.Artha, Tistona and Sarata are three sisters and each of them possesses some magic power. Artha can talk with nature, Tristona communicates with birds and Sarata has the super power to see the invisible things. They have come into the Garden of the magic whispers, wanting to find the objects that are consisted of magical energy, but are invisible for the others.Imagine you can talk to the animals or you can see things that other people actually can\'t. All of us we want to be special in something, don\'t we? Now, put your magical shoes and act as if you can do something really special. What it feels like to be a superhero?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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