Strange land

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Donna, Michelle and Daniel are three friends who really love adventure. They travel often and most of the times they choose to visit places that are not that popular but are more exotic and unexplored enough. The adventure makes them very happy and the fact that discover something that is not easily reachable, makes them feel really excited.However, it appeared that those unpredictable adventures can be dangerous sometimes. Their last travel left them in undesired situation because they are now lost in unknown territory. While exploring this place, Donna, Michelle and Daniel lose their path and now they are wandering around, looking for a way back. After a while, they get to an abandoned cottage and they hope that they will find a solution for the situation in this place.Since this could be a very dangerous situation, let’s see what is going on there in this strange land and the strange cottage. Maybe you will find a way how to help them and save them from the situation. Let’s hope that we are on time, so let’s act immediately.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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