Eternal Moon

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Have you ever heard of a vampire village? It is a village where vamps live and perform their daily tasks and duties. Just like us in our villages and cities, only their everyday life looks somewhat different from ours. Typical for the village of vampires are the eternal night and the full moon. Vampires draw their power and energy from the light of the full moon, and many rituals are associated with this phenomenon. Victor, the vampire, is the chief of the village where the vampires live. He is preparing for the annual ritual in honor of the moon. As a chief, his responsibility around this day is really big, so he needs help. Let\'s see together what happens every year in the village of vampires during the annual ritual in honor of the full moon. Victor, the vampire, needs our help, and this is an interesting chance to learn something about vampires and their unique rituals and behavior. Let\'s get started right away.

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