Temple of Illusion

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The faun is a mythological half human–half goat creature with the legs of a goat and the torso of a man and is regularly depicted with goat\'s horns. Fauns were a symbol of fertility, and their group leader was Silenus, a minor deity of Greek mythology. As you may see, there are not fauns between us anymore but what if things were little bit different...Tasia is a faun, sent by her people in the temple of illusions, with intention to ask the great magician to save her people from vanishing. The number of her people is becoming smaller and smaller every day because the places where they live now are being inhabited by the evil goblins that like to rule the world. Tasia has decided to get to the great magician, but he is traveling through the land of illusions and it is hard to pass the obstacles that are set here.You could never know what is real and what isn\'t in this world so you always have to be very alert while doing anything. That\'s why Tasia would need some help from us, to help her deal with the temple of illusion and do everything that is needed for her people to be all right and face those terrible goblins.

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