Phantom Island

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Adventures sometimes mean that you might get into trouble, especially if you are choosing to go for a cruise, or climb some mountain, or go for a paragliding, for example. The more adventurous some sport or activity is, the more the risk chance is bigger. And no one would choose to do it if it was all just the case of security. Today\'s adventure is about three friends who love nature and love to go abroad.They enjoy doing specific things in all kinds of environments. Andrea, Billy and Roy with have decided to make a tour with rented ship. But, they didn\'t get the information that a huge storm is preparing to surprise them.Their inexperience has done the thing and the ship is confronted to a crash, and now the three of them are situated on an island that is not situated on none of the maps and it is so called Phantom Island. Each of them should find his/her own personal things so they will protect themselves while waiting for the life saving teams. And why shouldn\'t we become heroes and help saving few people\'s lives. They will be thankful, we are more than sure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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