The Last Sheriff

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Meet Jack, who is the last sheriff that comes from the south part of Texas. He comes into one abandoned city which is actually the city where he was born. But this city is abandoned for a certain period of time.Namely, the citizens of this city had left the city because all the gold reserves that could be found around the city were depleted. The people who lived there lost one of the ways to make for a living and they left the place, looking for another place, a place that could allow them a better life.It seems that Jack will be the last person that will have to leave this abandoned city. However, before he does that, he will have to find his personal belongings and pack them for the trip. But also, beside those personal belongings, Jack will have to find his personal gold reserves and pack them safely, so he could transfer them to his next place for living. Let’s help the last Texas sheriff find all the objects and finish the packing, so he could also leave this city that will be definitely left without a future.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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