Bookstore Clues

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Detective Patricia has worked on many different cases during her career and solved most of them with great skill. She is a true professional in her work, and her success is due to her dedication and many years of experience. This time Detective Patricia is working on the case of financial embezzlement of a large sum of money from a well-known company in the city. It may not be a classic case of a robbery or a murder, for example, but in this case, it\'s also a serious crime. The investigation brought the detective to a bookstore. Maybe this doesn\'t seem like a place where money embezzlement happens, but it can be an ideal place to cover up some things, to hide crime in places where detectives probably won\'t be looking for it. Patricia suspected that the company\'s owner in the bookstore found an ideal place to hide the embezzled papers that could serve as evidence to solve the case. This idea may work as well, but Patricia is a real professional and always gets in their way. Let\'s find them.

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