Gifts of Love

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When a man loves a woman he is ready to do anything for her. This sentence is not only a song, not only a poetry. When we deal with emotions, but really true emotions, than we deal with the real thing. Than we are trying to do anything possible to make the people we love happy. And not only certain days are important, but every single day, every single moment today.Janet is crazy in love with Stephen. He is the guy who always tries to be romantic and to prepare some surprise for the love of her life. For today, Stephen has hidden six romantic gifts in the park where they first met few years ago. Together with her two best friends, Janet is in the middle of a mission and she must find the hidden gifts.And, can it be difficult to put some efforts when love is the question? When someone we care about a lot will give so much and wants us to remember the day, the moment? You must admit that today we are giving you a cute task and we are sure that you will enjoy in this mission. Imagine that someone you really love does this to you in your real life, not only virtually?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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