Find Lost Items

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Digging in the past sometimes can be very interesting. We know the things that surround us, we use them according to our needs, but when it comes to the objects of our ancestors, we can only guess. And discovering something more about theirs objects can make us learn something more. Candice comes to the old house of her grandmother. The grandmother doesn\'t live there anymore, but in the house are still the objects that belong to Candice\'s family. Candice has a task to find all the lost items from her grandmother\'s house. She is very excited about it, and she hardly waits to start searching the place. That way, she will remember the time she has spent there, but also she will find some objects that might be interesting to her. Besides that, Candice will learn something more about the history of her family, what they did in the past, and how they lived...because those objects are witnesses of time that has already passed. Let\'s search the house together with Candice and see what is hiding there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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