Stamp Collector

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Stamp collecting has been called the \'hobby of kings\' because so many famous individuals have been avid collectors. Stamps are aesthetically pleasing. They are often considered as miniature works of art. Postage stamps with artistic designs can really capture a philatelist who has an eye for beauty. Today we meet such a philatelist.Steven is a passionate collector of postage stamps. He has collected all kinds of stamps from all over the world. But, he always had his eyes on few rare stamps that are in possession of his good friend Edward. For many years he has been trying to convince Edward to sell him this valuable collection. Finally, Edward decides to give Steven his stamps.Stamps are collected for historical and cultural reasons, but can also make their owner a lot of money. But, Edward doesn\'t want money for his collection. Instead, he thought of a game and hid the stamps all over his property. They are so well hidden that if Steven really wants them so bad he has to sweat over them. So, Steven calls his friends Betty and Mark to help him in the search and you\'re welcome to join them.

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