The Shadows Treasure

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Looking for a dose of adrenaline, people choose to do numerous different things. Some love extreme sports, some choose traveling to distant unexplored places, others decide to take care of wild animals and so on. And what makes us excited depends from person to person and we have to admit that there are people who decide to go very far in their acts...Angela, Gary and Amy are really good friends. They have many common interests and their tempers fit perfectly but they also share once particular passion. Namely, those three friends are adventurists that love to explore places that have never been visited before, by anyone. Maybe others don\'t have that much courage but Angela, Gary and Amy are definitely not afraid of seeing new things.Today the three friends arrive in the forest of the shadows, with intention to find the shadow\'s treasure. This is one of the scariest places on the earth because no one has returned from there alive. Let\'s see how will the friends handle this extremely scary situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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