The Magicians Village

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We have all seen magicians and we know that they are able to do things, tricks and illusions, that most of us can\'t even imagine how those things work. You may ask yourself, how and when this begin and the answer of that question leads us to ancient Egypt and the magician known as Dedi. Dedi was known by his reputed first performance of a conjuring effect (balls).Besides the first magician, there is also a place that is known as the ancient magician\'s village. This place is known as the place that is origin to all magical tricks. It is a place highly respected by all the magicians and a place that is visited by them very often.Susan, Barbara and Andrew are three magicians who decide to visit this ancient village. Now this vilaage is abandoned, so the three magicians like to search through the place and find all the objects that will be useful for them, helping them perform their magical tricks. Maybe we won\'t find something that we need here in this village, but we are all curious to find out what the magicians use for their magic.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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