Ruins of Mata

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Gloria and Dylan are archaeologists who have been to many places and discovered many important historical landmarks, related to many periods of the development of the human civilization. Now they work on discovering an archaeological site in Maya territory. They know much about the history of the Mayans, and their discovery is closely related to them. Namely, they know that near the Mayas, at the same time, lived a civilization called Mata. And while most of us have heard about the Mayas, almost no one knows about the Mata\'s civilization. But Gloria and Dylan are so close to discovering the ruins of the site where the Mata civilization once existed. This is big and important discovery because everyone will have a chance to learn about this lost and forgotten civilization. Let\'s take part in this historical adventure and find out what is hidden in this place. We will also have a historic role in this adventure - we will be the first person who will have a chance to learn something more about the Mata civilization.

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