Mysterious Experiment

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Every day we hear about different theories of conspiracy that make us suspect in everything that surrounds us. Those theories make uncertain things that have been known as our reality for so many years or they refer to some occurrence that is instantaneous and has a big influence but we can’t be sure if those theories are real or the story about them is just another conspiracy...Few years ago, in one small city known as Herentown, the government started an experiment that was kept secret for so many years. After many years of work, the experiment was closed as unsuccessful and the whole town was moved on another location, just like that.The whole story sounds unusual but at the same time it is very strange. Followed by his curiosity and the wish to find out the truth about this whole place and the supposed experiment, Anthony starts a search. He likes to find out what exactly happened in this city and what is the truth behind this whole situation because moving a whole city from one place to another, is not something that we hear every day.

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