Collecting Memories

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Recalling the memories of something finished and unrepeatable, that happens very often, could be taken as an escape from the reality and the present moment. On the other hand, recalling the memories of something that was a beautiful basis for something that lasts even today, wakes up wonderful feelings in us. It could even refresh our view to that particular thing, make us appreciate it even more.The spouses Mary and John decide to visit one particular place that is very important for them. They come into their first house, the place where they lived together for the first time, when they were on the beginning of their relationship. That was the time when Mary and John were still students. In this house Mary and John find hidden treasure, something that may not be considered as treasure for someone else, but for them it means a lot.It is about a space full of objects that bring them so many memories about the days spent in that house. It brings memories of beautiful moments and everything looks like magic from this perspective. Let\'s help the two spouses collect their memories.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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