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Victoria, Peter, and Andrea are three friends who are the new owners of the bowling club in their city. They decide that it would be great to restart the work of this club once again. They like the new opening to be noticeable, and everyone to be informed that the club started working again. They will organize a bowling competition and invite everyone to come.The bowling teams start their preparations, excited that the bowling club will finally continue working. Maybe they have lost their physical condition to a certain degree because they didn\'t have a place where to practice their skills, but they are happy because they will start again.On the other hand, the announcement that there will be a bowling competition in the bowling club maybe was a bit early. Victoria, Peter, and Andrea are in a small panic because they are still not completely prepared for the opening. ajde da im pomogneme da go ostvarat nivniot son. We can see what is going on there, and offer them some help whenever they need it.

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