The Greatest Proposal

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When two people are just dating, everything looks much easier. You see if that relationship is working so you continue it, or you put it to an end. However, when the relationship becomes more serious, there are many additional things that follow like living together, introducing the partner to the family, then perhaps a marriage, even kids... Those steps are rather big and serious and people are often very careful when they take them...For Bernard, today is one of the most important days in his life. He, together with his girlfriend, are celebrating today, three years since they\'ve been together. For the reason that everything is great between those two, Bernard is willing to take their relationship to a higher level. He has decided that it is time to introduce his girlfriend to his family.This is a really big day for Bernard, who is not used to this kind of things. However, this is a rather complex situation for every person, a man or a woman, since this step could mean a lot for the both partners. That\'s why Bernard is very excited and he likes everything to be perfect for this day.That is also the reason why Bernard calls his best friend, which is actually you, to help him arrange the home. He likes everything to be completely clean and nicely arranged so his girlfriend could feel just fine in that atmosphere, when she will meet Bernard\'s parents.

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