Suspicious Truths

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Miss Maria was murdered one year ago. According to some statistics, in most cases, when a woman is murdered, the first and the main suspect and even the actual murderer of a certain woman is her husband or her boyfriend.
In Maria's case also the main suspect was her husband. However, the authorities didn't succeed to convict him o arrest him for murder because he had some strange alibi for that night. He had some unusual declarations and suspicious truths, but all those things have released him actually.
The detective David is the one who works on the case of Maria's murder. He believes that her murderer is her husband and all this time he likes to prove his theory. David doesn't like something about Maria's husband but also he thinks that his alibi is not true, no matter what happened the last time when he was defending himself.
The detective believes that the truth is in the details so he likes to start the investigation once again and find what is hiding behind the unusual stories of Maria's husband.

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